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Founded in June of 2005, Glexia Inc. has created a distinguished information technologies company with many customers residing all over the world. Glexia is a registered domestic-profit corporation in the state of Massachusetts inside the United States of America. Currently, Glexia is privately owned; however, feature prospects look good and Glexia may someday become public. Glexia is an abstract name, created to represent the next galaxy of information technologies which will soon dot the globe.

Glexia offers many services to individuals and businesses. By combining various known edges in business strategy, technology, usability and design; Glexia produces highly scalable business solutions.

Glexia provides custom solutions for various industries. Glexia has the ability to horizontally and vertically fulfill all IT aspects of your company. From the hardware and network of your businesses, to your website and hosting, Glexia has the ability to manage it all. This one-stop method makes it easier for you to consolidate your costs, producing a much higher return on revenue.

Fast and Stable Network

Glexia's servers reside on one of the best networks in the world. With speed and redundancy mastered, Glexia's networks exceed the usual standards with flying colors. Any problems on the network are quickly eliminiated and fixed with minimal disturbance to data and speed, keeping commerce flowing and your businesses running.

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Servers That Should be Light Years Away

Our company uses scalable servers. No matter what size, Glexia has the right server for you. Our servers have very high uptimes and very rarely experience any downtime. We take pride in giving our customers peace of mind knowing that their websites are secure on our servers.

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Highly Trained and Qualified Employees

Glexia employs a team of highly qualified and skilled employees which are available to assist you around the clock, 24/7, 365 days a year. Each employee has been hand selected to work for Glexia and has displayed outstanding understanding in the field they represent. Along with years of experience and a positive attitude toward the company in general, these employees have wonderful people skills and will work closely with you to assist you in your project on all levels.

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A Datacenter Like a Dream

Glexia gives a new definition to datacenter, making it seem like nothing before. Glexia uses datacenters that fall in the top tier of datacenters in the country, without the enormous operating costs. By consolidating our systems into one working whole, we are able to deliver top quality systems to you at a fraction of the cost. With speed, connectivity, security, stability, and climate control systems years ahead of their time, the datacenters we utilize let you rest assured knowing your data, websites, and servers are secure. Each datacenter has a team dedicated monitoring it twenty-four seven, ensuring that all systems run properly and that the datacenter is secure.

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Dedication to Quality

Here at Glexia we are dedicated to top notch customer care. Our main objective is to please our customers and our many testimonials illustrate this. We believe that one of the best ways to advertise our company is through word of mouth. Glexia's employees work harder, faster, and more efficiently than even your own company's employees.

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