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Glexia takes pride in what its clients have to say about us. Pleasing our clients is our utmost goal and when we do indeed delight clients, we love to hear the feedback they provide to us. Glexia hopes that their feedback will serve as an influence to people looking to choose an IT company to provide services to them. We hope it influences you to choose Glexia over the other companies out there, by showing how our clients like and enjoy what we do. Nothing gives you more insight into a company than an actual success story coming straight from a client. Please take some time to read though these testimonials and feel free to submit any comments to us.


It has been about a year since I hired Glexia to host the website for my music class. And I must say, I was impressed by their service on the whole. The page was up after two days and I haven't had a complaint yet. As a result, my students have been able to access their lessons and other literature with no problems. Thanks alot Glexia.
Ruth Simon (Hosting)

You guys are great. At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to go with a small rising company or a bigger (of course, more expensive) established one. In the end though, I definitely made the right decision. Design was innovative and catchy, the hosting is smooth and flawless, and the service is extremely professional. Keep it up, you are going places! Dan

Thanks for your great service (custom programming). We were really pleased with the outcome and the prices.
Gail Rezert (Other Services)

Good job!

Bravo! Great hosting!
Alex Velarda (Hosting)

Great hosting. One of a kind! I love the speed and uptime!
Carl Nether (Hosting)

Great to work with. The staff at Glexia is something else, they really do make you feel good about your hosting. It's a great feeling knowing that your server won't go out.
Joe McCarthy (Hosting)

You guys really got me out of a ditch when my previous hoster shut down on me all of a sudden. Way to be there to save my business.
Josh Lekelman (Hosting)

Glexia provided me with the kind of services that I was looking for. They gave me wonderful prices and awesome service.
Chris Isaak (Hosting)

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