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 Other Services - Overview
Glexia offers many other services in addition to our wonderful hosting and web solutions. All the services offered by Glexia are performed by intelligent, reliable, and responsive technicians. Glexia's always performs all services fully and will not stop until you are happy with the results. The vast array of services offer extends from computer hardware and software, to networking and everything in between. Glexia emphasizes with the fact that our clients require quick response times and services performed correct the first time. This philosophy is echoed in our mission and vision. By pairing together Glexia's services, our clients can effectively create their own customized IT team. Hire Glexia to serve you and make your way into a new world full of understanding and technological excellence.

Below Glexia offers a short explanation of the services offered. If you cannot find the service you are looking for, please contact us.

Computer Repair

Glexia offers hardware computer repair solutions to our clients. Glexia specializes in replacing broken components and can easily diagnose your computer. Glexia has staff trained to work inside your computer solving and diagnosing problems quickly and efficiently saving you the time of doing it yourself. Choose Glexia to repair your broken computer and forget all the hassles.

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Spyware & Virus Removal

Does your computer have a virus or spyware? Does your computer have endless popup ads and works so slow you can hardly use it? Glexia offers spyware and virus removal services to our clients. Glexia specializes in removing every last bit of an infection so there is no need to worry about the problem reoccurring. Glexia's team has years of experience removing and dealing with these kind of problems and can easily get your system up and running again.

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Network Instillation

Along with hardware, virus, and spyware problems, Glexia also offers network services. Glexia has years of experience setting up networks both at the home and in the businesses. While setting up a network, security is Glexia's number one concern and will not leave your network open and vulnerable. Glexia can consult on your network and recommend various solutions and plans so you have the ability to choose the one that fits your needs the best. Let Glexia set up your network for you and make a step in the right direction.

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Hardware & Software Instillation

Glexia focuses on offering hardware and software installation solutions. Glexia offers consulting services for hardware and software upgrades. If you have new hardware or software and need it installed on your servers, computers, or en masse throughout a network, Glexia has the ability to do this for you. Glexia has experience streamlining the install process saving you both time and money. Glexia's software installation abilities range from small localized clients to huge server software. Glexia also specializes in setting up both Windows and Linux servers.

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Maintenance Programs

Glexia supplys maintenance plans to engage in proactive maintenance on your computers and servers. Our technicians are trained to respond to an array of problems and look for signs of trouble before a disaster strikes. Glexia technicians are able to do whatever task needed on a regular and on-call basis through our maintenance plans. Glexia has the ability to monitor your antivirus, antispyware, and other software packages at whatever schedule you would like. From the home user who would like a tune up every month, to a business, who would like a security audit weekly, Glexia has the ability to provide the service to you. Keeping your business and technology running is our business.

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Data Services

Glexia provides data service and data recovery plans and services to its clients. Glexia has basic abilities to recover data and has affiliates with data recovery firms to provide a quote for data recovery. Glexia also provides data backup and data storage as well as network attached storage options. Glexia's highly skilled team will evaluate your situation and problem and make recommendations to you based off the circumstances. Data protection and management is also another one of Glexia's forte. Choose Glexia to protect, serve, and manage your most valuable asset, data.

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Custom Built Computers & Servers

Glexia builds customer computers and servers for personal and businesses use; however, Glexia specializes primarily in building high end businesses computers. Any specification Glexia can build and work with. Glexia can also design a computer for you from a third party such as Dell, or HP if you would prefer to have them build it for a small fee. Glexia consults with our clients to develop a perfect solution for them. Glexia has experience developing computers and servers for any array of jobs and is very knowledgeable in recommending scalable, stable, solutions.

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