Glexia offers scalable, professional web hosting solutions.
Providing professional and affordable web design solutions.
 Web Solutions - Overview
Glexia offers various professional and affordable web solutions for personal and businesses use. Every solution produced by Glexia is decorated by ingenuity, beautiful aesthetics, and great functionality and ease of use. Glexia recognizes that having a well created web prescience is both important to you and your businesses but also is a key component to your success. Because of this need, Glexia has developed multiple solutions to fit every aspect of your web presence. By coupling together our web solutions, you can create a complex, dynamic web presence assuaging any need you or your company may have.

Below Glexia offers a short explanation of the services offered. If you cannot find the service you are looking for, please contact us.

Web Design

Glexia has years of experience in building high quality, intriguing, and functional websites. Whether this is a personal website or a website for a huge firm, Glexia can develop a website for you that will directly suit your needs. By employing the latest techniques in web design, Glexia will bring you a high quality website at a very reasonable price. Glexia will develop your website very quickly and effectively, ensuring one of the quickest return times in the industry. The websites Glexia builds will not only impress you, but also everyone who visits them which will only add to the value of your website. By choosing Glexia to design your next website, you will have unlimited web possibilities brought right to your door.

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Template Design

Along with building websites, Glexia creates HTML and Graphic templates for its customers. If you do not need an entire website designed, or only want the HTML code for one page, Glexia’s Template Design is right for you. Glexia will just design the layout of your website using Photoshop or Fireworks and give you the file. For an added cost, Glexia can also convert your template to a HTML page using the newest techniques, incorporating CSS and table-less designers, or if you prefer, a tabled design. This is perfect for people who already know HTML but just do not have the time or graphical ability to create a template. It is also a huge cost saver. By choosing Glexia to design your template, you will still get everything included in our web design packages.

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Custom Programming

Glexia offers custom programming in virtually any language you choose. Glexia can develop a great application from planning stages to implementation, to updating it, or, if you choose, Glexia can work on your current application provided it is well-documented. Glexia will develop small or very large applications for individuals and companies. Glexia’s programmers utilize the latest programming techniques and organizational skills to build a strong, organized, secure, and functional program. Glexia follows the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) for all of its development processes which yields a very cost effective and planned application. By choosing Glexia to develop your application, you will be making a great choice.

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Website Maintenance

Glexia offers website maintenance services for individuals and companies who already have preexisting websites. This service is perfect for individuals and companies who do not have the time to maintain their website anymore, or who need an expert to make changes and update the site for them. Glexia offers low rates and great service, especially when maintaining websites. Glexia will maintain virtually any type of website, from the small personal websites to the large corporate websites. Glexia’s technicians know many programming languages and work efficiently via our ticket system and via email to process updates. The technicians can learn your website rather quickly to ensure that the maintenance is started as soon as possible. Glexia offers great prices and is flexible to price maintenance based on the average amount of work performed each month. Choose Glexia to maintain your website and take a step into a new world.

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