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Glexia has years of experience in building high quality, intriguing, and functional websites. Whether this is a personal website or a website for a huge firm, Glexia can develop a website for you that will directly suit your needs. By employing the latest techniques in web design, Glexia will bring you a high quality website at a very reasonable price. Glexia will develop your website very quickly and effectively, ensuring one of the quickest return times in the industry. The websites Glexia builds will not only impress you, but also everyone who visits them which will only add to the value of your website. By choosing Glexia to design your next website, you will have unlimited web possibilities brought right to your door.

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Small Organizations:
Online Identities
Pentucket Athletic Association
The Cardinal Alumni

JHM Consulting
Cross Point Search
Rate Internships * built in a relationship with Clear Way Design

University Sites, Clubs, and Organizations:
Isenberg Graduation Celebration
UMass Finance Society
UMass Student Government Association
UMass Student Managed Fund
Isenberg Honors Council
Isenberg Undergradaute Leadership Council